Heidi from Alaska

“If you are looking for a modality to help you uncover and release your blocks. RTT is it!

I had a list of old beliefs I wanted to release. With Elva’s help we released those old beliefs and uncovered more during our check-in sessions.

Elva is very thorough, making sure you are getting the most out of your RTT experience. I’m so grateful to have her as a part of my healing journey. I highly recommend Elva and look forward to working with her in the future.

Thank you, Elva!”

Patricia from Alaska

“I can’t begin to tell you how much my life has changed by not smoking. I had no idea how much it actually affected me until I quit with your help. I did smoke the first day after doing my session with you but continued listening to your audio. The first two days were very hard not going to lie but on the third day I woke up and my very first thought was how excited I was! I felt absolutely fantastic I climbed out of bed with a huge smile on my face knowing I would never smoke again! People are stopping me on the street asking what I’ve done that’s different because my skin looks so much better and my voice has changed! This is all thanks to you and your skill! I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely euphoric I feel how powerful I feel. I have conquered this for once and forever thanks to you! You are amazing❣❣❣ this is such a gift I don’t even know how to begin to thank you????‍♀️❣ hugs beautiful lady.”

Bel from Australia

“Elva facilitated my RTT session for my weight issues.

I have struggled being overweight since a young age and two years ago, I went to the extreme of undergoing weight loss surgery. Although, I got to my goal weight, all my old habits started creeping back and I found myself back to the same issues with food that I had not dealt with.

Elva guided me gently back to the root cause which showed why I have had issues with my weight, I was able to see clearly the reasons I have had the weight issues and was able to remove or release these blocks in my session.

I cannot thank you enough Elva, you have helped me to set my self free and I feel like I am in control of myself now.

Elva is a kind, caring and professional RTT therapist and I have no hesitation in recommending Elva to help to set you free.”

Emma from Australia

“I undertook two RTT sessions plus coaching with Elva for weight loss as I felt that I had been self-sabotaging my progress for at least a decade and I seemed to be slowly gaining more and more weight. I had tried every diet going, and even with a strict 5:2 diet for 6 months I had only lost 2Kg.. the clinical trial organiser suggested I stop, since it clearly was not working for me. I piled those 2Kg on very quickly and some more. Thankfully, that is when I found Elva!

In the first session, which was profound, she uncovered that I had a block related to exercise which was keeping me connected to my Mother. My Mother had struggled with weight her whole life and I felt that in some way I was honouring her memory by keeping this extra weight, keeping this connection going. I was blown away by this revelation, this ‘aha!’ moment since I did realise that I used to love exercise, but I would never have made this connection without Elva’s deep dive into my subconscious, her strong guidance and her expert use of RTT. The second session looked at another negative belief which was still impacting me – my emotional eating and it was linked to why I cared so much about other people’s opinion of me, again deep rooted beliefs were uncovered that had been impacting me for many decades. The recordings she gave me were amazing! I silently thank Elva every time I listen to one. Every.Single.Time!

What happened after the sessions was phenomenal! I directly started exercising and feeling much freer in my body. I stopped the emotional eating and within 5 weeks I had dropped 3Kg! That is a significant amount for me – try lifting 3Kg of sugar! I am beyond excited! I still have 6Kg to go before I reach my perfect 64Kg but I am excited about this, since I only really want to eat healthy food. It is not a struggle, no longer a battle, no longer something to feel bad about. It is an enjoyable process! My struggle with weight is in the past. This professional lady can help unlock the answers!”

Bxxxxx from Arizona

“Hi Elva, this is Bxxxxx, I’m checin in with you. I have been thinking of you because after our session, other things open up and I have realized how I hold back not just in jiujisu but also in parts of myself, It feels like a veil fail off my eyes and I can see clearly things about myself that where holding me back, it’s like if I had gotten on a top of a mount and I can see my life, and then I can teach out with one hand and remove the obstacles!! Thank you. I’m super happy with our session.”

Eve from Canada

“I had a great experience working with Elva and would recommend her to anyone looking to eliminate issues in their life! I felt very well supported with her guidance throughout the session while accessing my subconscious mind. I gained incredibly deep insight and felt a powerful shift in perspective that allowed me to move forward with more freedom. In addition to the transformational session, I found Elva’s voice very relaxing to listen to during my time with the recording and can still feel the impact of or work together. I’m so thankful she offers this incredible experience and would recommend RTT to anyone seeking support.

Thanks, Elva!!”

Jessica from Colorado

“Elva helped me transformed my thoughts and the way I saw myself in the world. She helped me release past thoughts and beliefs and rewrite my subconscious. I’ve had 2 sessions with Elva. She is calm and professional. After the first session I wanted more. More healing more peace. Jessica”

Lidija from Croatia

“Going on my first hypnotherapy session ever, I was curious and excited. On the other hand, I felt scared and anxious. Luckily, I wasn’t alone in it. Elva has a great intuition and is very understanding. She is like a sensor providing you with just what you need without having to ask for it. It is a beautiful feeling, because it is genuine and natural. I had no idea what to expect, and I had no idea what was going to happen. At that moment, I wasn’t a doctor anymore – I was a person willing to admit she had a problem and willing to let the other person help me. Sometimes people forget that receiving help is something they too deserve. Because of human nature, people can’t see clearly what is actually happening. They are filled with fear, prejustices, frustration, money issues or whatever may be they are dealing with in their lives. But they, like myself, often forget that we are all human and we make mistakes. There will be times in your life when in order for you to change, you need to humble yourself and come clean – I do have this habit which is bad for my health, I know it and I still do it. Why do I do it? Why can’t I stop if I know for a fact as a doctor, that every cigarette I take, I do damage to my organs. It was obviously out of my control. So I was there, a person that realized she needed help, and was willing to accept the help.

Quitting smoking has never been as emotional, intense, interesting and personal as that day! It was not about the money or the chances of success. I shifted my focus. That session represented my chance to get to know myself better. It was my chance to let go of some emotional baggage. A chance for me to heal myself.
Knowing that I managed to stop smoking afterwards, I did the math. All the money I am about to save because I do not need to buy cigarettes anymore. All the money I will save because I will not have health issues caused by cigarettes. Can you put the price on your health? I bet you would say more than you even own. So knowing this, knowing what I got, I feel like I didn’t pay enough. That’s how you know when a service is exceptional! “

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