Frequently Asked Questions

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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of intense focus that allows for a heightened state of awareness. People often think of it as relaxation which is the case. And in the relaxed state a person can gain awareness ad insight and accept suggestions. There are many definitions out their and people still argues about what it is and
how to measure it. What most agree on is that it is not sleep. It is often compared to a ‘daydreaming’ state. It can be performed on yourself or you can be guided by a hypnotist and/or hypnotherapist.

Is hypnosis safe?

In a nutshell…YES! There are certain people who should not be hypnotized but but by far the majority of the population can do this safely.

Will it work?

Success is always determined by the client. Some problems are easy to quantify (i.e. smoking, fear of flying). Some like confidence and success have different and varying markers for success. The one goal is to notice changes in your life. Instant change is always the extremely satisfying. Change can also be cumulative or retrospective.

Will I lose control under hypnosis?

No. If at any time you want to come out of trance you can simple do so. We all have innate safety mechanisms that are always present and are not disabled with hypnosis. If you don’t want to do something or say something then you don’t have to.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Yes. Trance is a natural state that we all go into every day. When you are focused on your phone or a movie or a TV show and you are awake, taking in information but unaware of someone speaking to you, well this is trance. In the setting of hypnotherapy the goal is to be in this state with the intent of making change.

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